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By : Mush Ali (ACA) , Posted on: 25th, July 2023

Soft skills are invaluable for candidates returning to office-based working..

As the business landscape continues to evolve, the importance of soft skills in the workplace is rising again. Soft skills are the personal attributes that help candidates prove their aptitude in the workplace outside of industry years. In demand soft skills in 2023 include:


  • Teamwork
  • Critical thinking
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy. 


Whilst it's not to say that soft skills were previously irrelevant or that sector experience and technical expertise are unnecessary, the value of soft skills is increasingly recognised as essential for success as some funds move back to full-time office work.


Part of our role is to identify candidates with the necessary skill sets to thrive in their respective roles beyond expertise. We are tasked to identify high potential individuals who will ultimately contribute to the success of a business. 


As recruitment and talent partner for our clients, by considering soft skills, firms can get a feel for whether candidates are aligned with the company's culture, values, mission, and vision. Employers place real value on those who can contribute positively to workplace culture and foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected and in addition to those undaunted by the prospect of 'getting stuck in' and learning in the process. 


By developing soft skills in communication and team-playing, individuals position themselves for success in their careers and become invaluable to the overall success of their organisations.


Business is changing quickly due to technological advancements, automation, and AI. Daily office and administrative tasks are becoming automated, freeing time for complicated problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence tasks where it is important to display human edge. To succeed in roles requiring human interaction, innovation, and agility, soft skills like adaptability, resilience, creativity, and communication are necessary. These skills are essential for navigating our changing landscape.


Leadership and management roles are the best examples of where a candidate's technical expertise and strong, soft skills are essential. No matter their seniority, workplace leaders must inspire and motivate teams, communicate vision and goals clearly, and facilitate collaboration and innovation to produce the best results. Soft skills like emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication are vital for building and leading high-performing teams, driving employee engagement, achieving organisational objectives, and ensuring long-term business success.


If you would like additional guidance on enhancing your communication abilities or showcasing them effectively during an interview, feel free to contact the One Ten Associates team for further insights.


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