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Our Approach.

Our aim is to provide an honest and thorough approach to all mandates. While the majority of our work is done on a contingency basis, each search is conducted as if it were a retained search. We strive to map out different market areas on a continuous basis and endeavour to provide a choice of candidates for each search. The variety of candidates presented to our clients are invariably a mixture of people who are actively and passively seeking opportunities. Rest-assured, we will not be responding to any client with a basic list of candidates churned from our database!

Our success has been built on the foundation of our relationships with clients and candidates alike. We are well aware that we may not succeed on every search we are assigned. That said, the importance of providing an honest and transparent service which leads to building a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and respect is imperative to our brand.

Away from day-to-day recruitment, we are also active in partnering with clients and candidates to provide market intelligence and general input in matters ranging across:

Salary benchmarking.

Employee appraisals.

Team structuring matters.

Market trends and analysis.

Consultative guidance.