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By : Khuram Bajwa , Posted on: 09th, November 2021

1-to-10 with One Ten Associates | Ep 5 | Paul Frost.

In episode 5 of our "1-to-10 with One Ten" podcast series, host Khuram Bajwa chats with Paul Frost, the CFO of Puma Investments, to find out what it takes to succeed in his role. Buckle up and get fantastic insights into the type of work he does and the inside scoop on how he rose to the role he is in today. You can also expect to hear about Paul's background, his aspirations and his key advice on how to work your way to the top if you are a budding CFO within the Fund Management arena. We hope you enjoy episode 5 and as always would love your feedback!

Stream it on iTunes here, or stream it on Spotify here.