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By : Mush Ali (ACA) , Posted on: 21st, September 2021

1-to-10 with One Ten Associates | Ep 4 | Steve Emsley.

Welcome to episode 4 of the 1to10 podcast with host Khuram Bajwa, director at One Ten Associates. We’ll be focusing on inspiring future leaders in the financial industry as well as motivating current leaders. 

Today, Khuram speaks to CFO at DRC Capital, Steve Emsley about the skills you need as a CFO, the challenges you face in the position, what he looks for when hiring, and the career advice he’d give his younger self. 

Steve talks about the importance of taking a strategic approach, the ability to communicate clearly, organisation skills, and learning to delegate. He discusses his journey to the role of CFO, as well as the steps others should take if they want to be in his position one day. 

If you’re interested in advancing your career or you simply want to know what other leaders in the industry have to say, this podcast is for you!