One Ten Associates has a 10-year network in the alternative sector in the areas we recruit into and it is these relationships which will be beneficial to you in your job search.

We strive to provide you genuine career advice. Our philosophy is to be both a recruiter and a career advisor you feel comfortable talking with today and in the future.

"One Ten" Candidate Service?

(Across all levels of seniority)

  • Listening and understanding what you have achieved to date, your current situation and what you would like to do next.
  • An honest assessment of what roles your experience match with and the types of organisations that would be receptive to your CV
  • A long term assessment of your career and - sometimes it is beneficial to your long term career to stay where you are - we will discuss this option with you
  • Trying to think laterally about our career advice and not just obvious avenues you would pursue
  • A clear plan with your consent about the next steps and agreed timeframes of communication
  • Other potential contacts which can help you in your job search


What Roles Do We Recruit?


We have separate research functions for permanent and temporary needs in the following areas:

Senior Strategic Hiring – CEO, CFO, COO, Head of Operations, Senior Business Development/Marketing Hires

Core Finance and Operations – Finance Director, Financial/Fund Controller and Operations

Marketing, Business Development and Sales

Compliance and Legal


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